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Getting Standards to Work for All

There is a growing recognition that standards are not neutral; they are experienced differently depending on someone’s gender. A lack of gender responsiveness, for example, has been shown to have health and safety implications and, given the importance of standards to the economy, undoubtedly, the lack of gender responsiveness would have implications there too.

Digitalization in Conformity Assessment – A Global Study

The adoption of technologies and digitalization of conformity assessment continues to evolve rapidly. To understand the latest trends, a team of researchers from BAM, TU Berlin and Fraunhofer Institute in Germany and from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand conducted surveys in fourteen countries and collected data from over 1,300 conformity assessment bodies.

IAF Advisory Committees Hold their Annual Meetings

IAF’s three Advisory Committees, the Accreditation Body Information Group (ABIEG), User Advisory Committee (UAC) and Conformity Assessment Body Advisory Committee (CABAC), all held meetings during IAF and ILAC’s 2021 annual meetings period from September – November. These committees act as a valuable means for specific categories of IAF […]

Persons Certification during COVID-19

Cynthia WoodleyChief Operations Officer and PsychometricianProfessional Testing, Inc. Many of us have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by changing how we operate our businesses and organizations, including by implementing remote work policies and technologies that will have an enduring effect on our practices. Almost every aspect of our […]

Conformity Assessment for the Sustainable Development Goals

Mika VepsäläinenChief, Market Access Section, Economic Cooperation and Trade DivisionUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe Fifty years ago, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) initiated a series of “Meetings of Government Officials Responsible for Standardization Policies”.  The anniversary of these meetings was celebrated in circumstances that […]

IPC Specification on Performing Online Examinations

George AnastasopoulosIPC Secretary Online examination systems are becoming increasingly popular and widespread. Many educational institutes, examination centers and certification bodies of persons are replacing their traditional examination methods with online testing technologies. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for such credible online examination systems and verification processes. […]