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Delivering confidence in the education sector

Laura Monserrat Balderas Sánchez

Ema, the Mexican Accreditation Body and long-standing IAF Signatory, has extended its accreditation services to enable educational organisations to demonstrate their competence. This service is based on ISO 21001:2018 Educational organizations — Management systems for educational organizations — Requirements with guidance for use. This standard has been designed to help educational institutions establish the necessary policies and procedures to benefit students, staff (teachers, employees), customers and other beneficiaries.

Ema’s work in this area will benefit educational organizations at all levels, from elementary, to higher education, as well as distance and e-learning providers.

The roll out of this work followed 12 months of development work by Ema’s new product development team, which included developing accreditation requirements for certification bodies and educational organizations, and training of a pool of assessors. Ema has now accredited two certification bodies to provide audits to ISO 21001:2018, and a further five are working towards their accreditation.

Maribel Lopez, the Chief Executive of Ema, said, “We are delighted to extend our accreditation services and deliver confidence in the education sector as we do in all other areas of our accreditation. It has been a rewarding process to work with Government, the educational sector, and the certification body community to develop a new area of accreditation that will increase the credibility and standards of education providers.”

Ema will now work with the certification community to promote the benefits of the scheme to preschool, primary, elementary, middle schools and high schools, colleges, universities, adult education, special education schools, vocational education and training, tutoring or coaching centres, and training organizations.

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