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Participation in IAF Certsearch continues to grow

Sheronda Jeffries

IAF CertSearch has launched. IAF CertSearch is the world’s exclusive global database for accredited management system certifications, providing businesses and governments the ability to digitally validate an organization’s certification(s) to determine if a certificate is valid and if the Certification Body (CB) issuing the certificate is accredited to issue certifications to that standard.


CB participation in IAF CertSearch continues to climb, increasing from 476 CBs participating globally in October 2019 to 969 CBs as of 28 March 2020. There remains a 100% participation rate for IAF MLA Accreditation Body members. Thousands of users are utilising IAF CertSearch each month to verify certifications, and the growth of users is increasing month on month. The top ten countries seeking to verify accredited certifications are the United States, China, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, India, Mexico, Turkey and Indonesia. Additionally some organizations which have large supply chains are seeking to utilise IAF CertSearch to ensure all suppliers in their supply chain have valid accredited certifications.

The IAF Database Management Committee (DMC) is supporting CBs through the process and encouraging all CBs to establish automated data feeds to ensure certifications are up to date in IAF CertSearch with minimal resources required. 

Quality Digest has conducted an interview with Grant Ramaley (IAF User Advisory Committee Vice-Chair, IAF Working Group on Medical Devices Co-Convener) and Nigel Johnston (CEO of Quality Trade, the database provider), both DMC participants, on the operation and benefits of the database. The interview can be viewed here.

To learn more about IAF CertSearch or to have your organization included, please visit:  https://www.iafcertsearch.org/contact

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