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25 May 2020

The annual plenary and policy meetings

With the spread of COVID-19 accelerating in many parts of the world, the CASCO secretariat and the meetings host, the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), decided to move the 35th CASCO plenary and workshop from 05-07 May to 27-29 January 2021. It will still be hosted by DIN and take place as originally planned in Berlin, Germany.

Due to the situation and the limited time to organise alternative arrangements, conditions were not conducive to holding a full remote annual plenary meeting. However, the CASCO policy meetings that usually take place during the week of the plenary, the Strategic Alliance and Regulatory Group (STAR) and the Chairman’s Policy and Coordination Group (CPC) were retained and took place remotely with a near full participation from both memberships. Discussions took place regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and conformity assessment. The STAR, being a forum for industry sector representatives, focused on the exchange of views and experience about the impact of the pandemic on their sector. The CPC defined a CASCO position in relation to the pandemic to highlight the appropriateness of the CASCO Toolbox (ISO/IEC series of standards on conformity assessment). Thereafter, a communiqué was finalized and published on

Ongoing standards development work

The Joint Working Group (JWG) between TC 34 SC17 and CASCO for the development of ISO 22003 had its workplan extended. The expert consultation on the working draft was extended to give extra time to members of the JWG to review and comment on the latest draft of Part 2 of ISO 22003 that is setting requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of food safety systems (products, processes and services). It was considered important to have a maximum contribution in the review to ensure the views and needs of stakeholders, including schemes based on certification of products for food safety, were included. The May meeting was cancelled but the impact on the workplan was mitigated by the proximity of the following meeting scheduled for the end of September.

Working group 55 revising ISO/IEC 17030:2003 Conformity assessment — General requirements for third-party marks of conformity will meet remotely from 02 to 04 June. The experts will review the comments submitted by the members of the WG with the objective of producing the draft that will go to CASCO members for a first round of voting and comments.

On future items, CASCO members agreed in May to initiate the revision of ISO/IEC Guide 60:2004 Conformity assessment — Code of good practice, and a working group will soon be set up. Then members are voting on a proposal to revise ISO/IEC 17043:2010 Conformity assessment — General requirements for proficiency testing, and the decision on whether a revision will be initiated will be known in early June.

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