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#Aprendemas Webinars: An Important Tool to Raise Awareness and ‘Learn More’

Laura Monserrat Balderas Sánchez
Liaison Coordinator, ema

The entidad mexicana de acreditación, a.c. (ema), the Mexican accreditation body, has launched an initiative called ‘#APRENDemaS Thursdays’ with the aim of addressing issues of interest to clients and the general public, as well as promoting the importance of accreditation in daily activities and services. ema’s ongoing commitment to publicizing the benefits of accreditation has been strengthened through the use of technological tools.  Through a series of free webinars, ema has been able to connect with different productive sectors of Mexico every week.

Among the topics that have been discussed are: the importance of remote evaluations as a tool to continue with conformity evaluation activities; the importance of standards, accreditation and the participation of conformity assessment bodies in supporting the protection of the environment; the importance of ema-accredited laboratory tests for food safety; and the importance of accreditation for energy management, with speakers noting the importance of  the evaluation of standards for the efficient use of energy in products, systems and processes. The webinars have attracted more than 74,000 viewers worldwide.

In January 2021, ema celebrates 22 years promoting the value of accreditation, standardization, metrology, conformity assessment and its importance in Mexico and worldwide. This has been delivered through training courses, conferences, events with government institutions,  “Regional ema Groups” throughout Mexico, and now the #APRENDemaS Thursdays webinars. These can be accessed on the ema website (www.ema.org.mx) and YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/entidadmexicana).

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