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IAF Modernizes Website with New Design

The world is undergoing rapid digitalization, a process driven in recent years by the COVID-19 pandemic. While IAF Members have adapted by increasing the use of information and communications technology in accreditation and accredited conformity assessment activities, IAF has transitioned to conducting committee work and meetings remotely. In this context, IAF has modernized its website to integrate new functionalities for IAF Members, as well as to improve the browsing experience of visitors with new search functions, pages and mobile responsiveness.

The public side of the redesigned website includes new Events and Partner Organizations pages, as well as a page for the Accreditation Auditing Practices Group, which has moved its documents to the IAF website. Other pages feature new functionalities. Visitors can now search for Accreditation Body Members, Association Members or Regional Group Members by name or economy. Similarly, visitors can search for IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) signatories by name or economy, and filter by MLA main or sub-scope to locate a signatory for a specific scope of interest.

The Members’ side of the website includes modules for balloting documents and document commenting, discussion forums, meeting planning and committee workspaces. Online processes that formerly relied on email, such as document commenting, meeting planning or general committee discussions, can now be conducted on the website.

The website retains the COVID-19 hub, where visitors can find links to the IAF COVID-19 FAQs along with related documents published by IAF during the pandemic, as well as pages for IAF documents, news stories, World Accreditation Day and general information about IAF, its activities and the IAF MLA.

With individuals increasingly accessing web content on smartphones, a responsive website design, which changes the layout of a website based on the viewing device used, was an important improvement made with the new website.

To view our new site, come visit us at https://www.iaf.nu!

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