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Implementation of ISO 18788 as an option for Private Security Organizations

In this article we will talk about the benefits of ISO 18788 “Management System for Private Security Operations”, in which the private security sector assumes preventive control as a responsibility and respect for human rights, since, by demonstrating that the operations are coherent and demonstrate credibility, the satisfaction of the significant parties is achieved.

Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) refer to international treaties and contractual rules that may apply in armed conflicts and affect people and/or their property. IHL limits the suffering caused by wars to protect people who are indirectly involved, supporting individual freedoms and guarantees. ISO 18788 mentions obligations to protect human rights, since these are not only the obligations of the state, but rather, this is an issue that affects everyone in general and private companies can contribute to protecting these rights, as they are a sector more exposed to the vulnerable.

To understand  the benefits of implementing ISO 18788, it is worth remembering some historical events of a global nature such as the attack on the twin towers, the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, among others. That is why strategic groups and militarized companies were created with the need to combat guerrillas, terrorism and drug trafficking; and thus, safeguard the well-being and integrity of people who are exposed to this type of situation. Currently, in Mexico and throughout the world there are high-risk areas, where weapons and different threats are handled (speaking of crime), for this reason, the private security sector is growing more and more due to the interest in the need for protection on the part of companies in the government or private sector.

This standard breaks the paradigms, demanding changes to adopt new strategies in accordance with the functions it performs, which concludes as an impact of the organization to clients and suppliers. Companies that use lethal weapons will be able to reduce the risks and cases of improper use of force, which can sometimes cause serious injuries or death, due to violent encounters or resistance. The materialization of a risk can occur in external factors and that may be inherent to the activities of the company due to the environment where they are located.

Surveillance and private security companies that are in charge of looking after the assets of their clients have seen the need to implement this consolidated quality management system to improve competitiveness, without losing focus on the care and protection of personnel. Some of the advantages of implementing a quality management system are that operations can be given credibility by having documented processes, taking care of the reputation and image of companies, showing professionalism on the part of all staff. In addition, organizations that opt ​​for certification in this standard must improve the development and compliance with the requirements it establishes, maintaining an optimal quality management system and focused on the type of operations it performs.

Surveillance and private security companies have seen the need to implement this consolidated quality management system to improve competitiveness, without losing focus on the care and protection of personnel


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