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Working towards a single global accreditation organisation

IAF hosted its annual General Assembly Meetings in Frankfurt in October 21-30 in partnership with ILAC. A record 500 delegates contributed to advancing the technical and operational work of the organisation, as well as approving some significant decisions.

The most notable decision involved both IAF and ILAC Members overwhelmingly voting in favour of creating a single global accreditation organisation. Members were supportive of this move as it is hoped that it will deliver increased efficiency through the removal of duplicate activities, potential cost savings through shared services, and simplify and better harmonise organisational processes. It is also hoped that a single global organisation will improve the profile of global accreditation as it will allow both organisations to speak with one voice, as well as provide an opportunity to broaden stakeholder engagement and market feedback.

The process will be managed by a Steering Committee consisting of the IAF and ILAC Vice Chairs, representatives from the six Regions and four Stakeholders. Work is underway to define the Terms of Reference, to agree criteria for any external expert(s), and to identify the main issues for the new organisation. Members will be consulted at all stages of the process which is expected to take between 3-5 years.

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